Customer Testimonials

Arthur was incredible!! I signed up for a package deal I was so happy with the service. I went in with very specific requests and pain in very specific spots of my body. Everything was explained to me in a way in which I could understand, as he was manipulating my muscles. He was gentle yet had firm pressure that I got the pain relief I was searching for. When I asked for no fluff and Strictly functional massaging that is exactly what I received. I'm looking forward to my six month membership with Body Kinetics Therapy.

- Renee G.

Was in so much pain and wanted someone who knew how to handle and get me on a road to recovery...Got a massage from Christina...she was great..reviewed my needs and concerns and explained everything along the way.  I felt so much better after...I loved it and I am going back next week to continue my healing. Such a great place....its not just a massage it is healing for the body...Thank you Christina.

- Jeni D

One of a kind massage therapy! They focus on repairing injured tissues, which I have never seen anywhere in Las Vegas. I went to them after a few nights of working in the hospital. Pretty much every inch of my body is sore and I felt like I need a major overhaul. The room was nicely renovated with very warm and soft atmosphere. The music is relaxing. Christina was care enough to spend time with me asking which part of the body needs most of the attention. She than recommended a session of medical massage rather than Swedish massage. One of the unique massage technique was "cupping" massage (I hope I say it right). It was a technique that using negative pressure cup that attached to the back of the body and slides across body tissues. According to Christina, cupping reduce pain and inflammation of the body, it also removes harmful substances and toxins from the body to promote he

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Anthony K.

Little different from my previous trips to a massage place. The manager Christine took more time to analyze the problem needing fixed beforehand. They didn't cut my time for this, and they were very professional. She also recommend other work done by other places within their connections that she felt may provide further help at decent prices. She covered breathing techniques to help relax muscles and stretches to aid in further healing. As always, customer service was there so a good review follows.

Jordan Gillespie